About the Program

The Adirondack Vets House, Inc. is a 9-bed transitional housing program for homeless veterans. Althougth the length of stay varies to the needs of the veteran, the maximal amount of time is 2 years with an average stay of 12 to 14 months! We offer a variety of services to help our veterans back onto their feet.

Each of our programs has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of our veterans. Theneeds may vary from veteran to veteran so in order to help each veteran, we have networked with several community organizations that can assist us in providing the best quality of care for each veteran that walk through our doors. Our programs address specific needs to help each veteran reach their personal goal no matter what the objective is for that particular veteran. Our list is as follows:



~Resume and Cover Letter Preparation

~Interview Workshops

~Job Placement

~Finding Your Ideal Career



~Budget Planning

~Managing Credit and Debt

~Organizing Financial Records

~Paying Down Debt

~Modifying Payments



~Nutritional Information

~Food Preparation

~Food Tips and Techniques

~Weight Management

~Eating The Right Way

~Creating Nutritional Meals in 20 Minutes




~Anger Solutions

~Stress Solutions

~First Aid/CPR

~Personality Modifications

~Community Programs

~Physical Fitness

~Spiritual Venues


~Maximizing Ones Resources

~Personal Growth



~Finding Affordable Housing

~Assisting in Finding Furniture and Household Items

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