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Published by in Welcome on August 8th, 2011

About the house

The Adirondack Vet House, Inc., is a 501 c (3) Non- Profit transitional facility for homeless veterans located in Glens Falls, New York. The house can accommodate 9 residents. The house has 3 full bathrooms, a dining room, living room, and educational room in the renovated basement. The house is now an all male facility and handicap accessible.

Each resident is responsible for cleaning the house as well as maintaining the outside and adjoining areas, cooking one meal per rotating schedule, and will be accountable by fair and reasonable rules and regulations to maintain the integrity of the program.

The location of the house is within walking distance to the VA medical clinic for medical or psychological assitance if needed. All other appointments that are not in the approximate area can be arranged through a VA van service to accomidate their specific needs.

The length of stay for each resident can range from 12-18 months. The cost of this program is minimal. Residents will only pay 30% of their monthly net income. If the residents do not have any financial resources, then The Adirondack Vets House, Inc. will seek assist by obtaining funds from other programs and private funds as needed.

The Adirondack Vets House, Inc. is unique because it is a working program which means all residents are required to find a gainful employment and secure that employment for their eventual goal of obtaining  permanent housing.

Within the last few years, the Adirodnack Vets House, Inc. has expanded their program to include Emergency Housing for Veterans and their family, Permanent Housing for Veterans and their family, and an Outreach program that assists Veterans with food, furniture, support both physical and mental.

The lastest statistics we have gathered reported that Veterans make-up as high as 60% of the homeless population in these United States. In some areas, the figure jumps to almost 80% in larger cities. The staff and the Board of Directors meet this challenge by reducing the homeless population by creating programs that fit the needs of the Veteran because each Veteran is unique and needs a tailor made program to fit that particular need not a “cookie cutter” program that works for some of the Veterans some of the time.

We help Veterans establish a strong foundation so that they could build their future upon. Because each Veteran joins the program volunteerily, they put 100% effort behind their drive in order for them to achieve their goal of finding a secure job, having perminent housing and staying connected to the power which is  the Adirondack Vets House, Inc.






To identify homeless and at-risk veterans in Northern Saratoga, Warren, and Washington Counties and to provide them with a safe, stable, and supportive transitional living environment. For those in residence, our mission is to direct them to services from a variety of providers who will assist in preparing them for an independent and productive life after their stay is concluded.


Adirondack Vets House, Inc.
26 Pine Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
(518) 793-6545




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